Martin Luther Lutheran Church is...

A traditional church addressing contemporary issues in the light of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Within Martin Luther Lutheran Church …

Worship is majestic

Music is transcendent

Community ministry is grass roots

Hospitality is contagious

Biblical understanding allows you to THINK.

At Martin Luther Lutheran Church, you will discover...

An INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY that represents different neighborhoods, races, economic backgrounds, and life experiences... yet SHARES the one thing we have in common: The God we know through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

People who WORSHIP in a Christ-centered gathering around Word and Sacrament, using a traditional style of worship that safeguards the beautiful language, symbols, and majesty of liturgical worship, and observes the special seasons of the church year which dramatize God's sacred story.

SINNERS who are forgiven by the grace of God and not by individual efforts.

CARETAKERS who are compassionately involved in the world socially and politically to bring about mercy and justice in a hurting world.

A REALITY-BASED MESSAGE OF SALVATION, NOT SUCCESS. Our worship is not intended to be a money-making business distributed "Hollywood style" with a self-centered message that says God will make you healthy, wealthy, and successful. For the real story, join us as we explore God's Word in the midst of life's challenges. Life is full of blessings and joys, but we don't deny the reality of the cross of Christ.

Our Vision…

We are a community of faith, a beacon of light, united in a unique ministry that breaks down barriers through the power of sharing God's love.

Our Mission…

We share the love of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed with each other, our neighborhood, the community, and beyond.

Our Pastor

Due to the retirement of our pastor, our congregation is currently in a period of transition with an interim pastor. The congregational Call Committee is in the process of interviewing pastoral candidates in order for the congregation to extend a regular call.

We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) within the Northeastern Ohio Synod.